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Welcome to Digital Monster Laboratory!

Suntuubi is shutting down!

Suntuubi is my website base, and i don't know what happens to the website, where I could move it, or will I move it anywhere. :(

Or for short, to the DigiLab! DigiLab is a fan and information site for Digimon. More specifically, for Digimon games. I haven't seen many Digimon fansites just for Digimon games, so I decided to create one myself.
At the moment, the site only has information of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, but when I finish most of the information for it, I'll start slowly adding info from other games too.

I hope this site helps someone, or at least makes someone happy.

- Zera

New updates


Pictures added to basic Digimon (Digimon Battle Spirit)
Pictures added to basic Digimon (Digimon Battle Spirit 2)


Digimon Rumble Arena added (more info coming later)
Some categories added for Digimon (Digimon Battle Spirit, Digimon Battle Spirit 2, Digimon Rumble Arena)


Other games added (more info coming later)

Older updates

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